About Us

About Us

Vancouver Bicycle Recycling has been established to initiate a means of returning unwanted or abandoned bicycles back into the community.

Hundreds of bicycles Arrive at the Vancouver area Landfills on a daily basis. These are bicycles that could and should be repaired and made available to many a rider in need.

We are not a charity, nor do we pretend to be. We have costs associated with running the program like any business would.  The bikes that get donated normally end up in 3 groups:

REPAIRABLE, if the bike can be fixed up to get back on the road, we will give it a full   tune up, by professional bike mechanics, using either new or used parts. These are then sold in our store as very reasonably priced up-cycled used bikes.

UNREPAIRABLE, if the bike is beyond repair, we ensure that it gets stripped down as efficiently as possible, usable parts are kept to mend other bikes, the remaining parts are separated into Steel, Aluminum, Rubber, Hard Plastic to be properly recycled.

GIVEN AWAY. We work with a number of local charities and organisations to get the bikes into the hands of the people that need them most.

Check our TESTIMONIALS page for thank you letters from happy recipients.

Most kids bikes are fixed up and given away for FREE as we’re strong believers that every kid should have access to a bike.

If you are a charity or organisation that would be interested in benefiting from our service, we are always glad to try and help any way we can, just give us a call on 604-736-7433

If you have a bicycle to donate to us, you can refer to our PICK UP’s page for how to contact us, or you can always drop it off in person to 2255 West Broadway (block and 1/2 West of Arbutus)  between 11-6:30 daily.

WE DO NOT BUY BIKES or TRADE BIKES! There is a great by-law in Vancouver that prevents shops from doing so! This helps cut down where bike thieves can peddle their stolen wares!

By sourcing our bikes from DONATIONS we save many thousands of bikes a year from Landfill!

We FULLY RECYCLE a few thousand bikes a year by stripping them down into steel, aluminum, hard plastics, rubber to be recycled.

We also give away a few thousand bikes a year to CHARITIES and WORTHY ORGANISATIONS to get bikes back into the hands of those in need. *NOT ALL DONATIONS GO TO THESE CAUSES!* Many of the organisations are quite selective on the styles of bikes, frame sizes and wheel sizes required!



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